10 DIY Mitsubishi Car Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your car is instrumental in ensuring that it gets to service you for a long time to come. As a Mitsubishi owner, the following tips will help you give proper care to your much-cherished automobile. Below are DIY tricks to maintain your car.

Cleaning the Interior

You can keep the interior of your Mitsubishi looking crisp and clean using the following handy tips;

  • Clean vinyl, fabric, leather, flocked and plastic parts using a soft cloth that has been soaked in lukewarm water. Make sure to add a small amount of neutral detergent to the water.
  • You should not use protectants, cleaners, or conditioners that contain wax or silicone. These are products that can cause annoying reflections and may end up obscuring your vision.
  • The Mitsubishi carpet should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, and a rug cleaner used to remove any stains that could be present.
  • Grease and oil can easily be removed from the carpets by dabbing at them lightly with a colorfast, clean cloth together with a stain remover.


Washing Your Vehicle Exterior

You can maintain the exterior of the Mitsubishi by;

  • You need to clean the vehicle surface immediately if it comes into contact with dust, soot, bird droppings, iron powder or any chemical substances that may be corrosive.
  • Once you are done washing the automobile, you need to make sure that you do away with all traces of detergent or soap and then proceed to wipe it using a dry, soft cloth.
  • You also need to clean the door flanges and joints after washing the body, as well as the engine hood where dirt is likely to hide.
  • If you reside along the Singapore coast, it will be important to make sure that you wash the vehicle on a regular basis. The wind born spray emanating from the sea is capable of distributing the sea salt for a distance of up to twenty kilometers from the seashore.

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How to Choose the Right Shop Vac for Your Heavy Duty Cleaning

While traditional vacuum cleaners are designed to do basic cleaning jobs, Shop Vacs, also known as Wet Dry Vacs are the cleaning process to a whole new level. You can use a vac to clean your car, for your business, for your garage, or to clean the mess at work. Each vacuum cleaner is designed with a specific purpose in mind. In this article, I’m going to show you some of the factors that you should consider before investing in a shop vacuum cleaner.

shop vac guide

1. Shop-Vac Capacity

If your daily projects are causing big problems and messes or if you have a wood business in your garage, a large capacity tank is better suited to your needs. The smaller portable vacuum cleaners are easy to stow away and are perfect for living in limited storage spaces.

2. Noise levels

Wet-dry vacs are notoriously known for being loud almost to blow out your eardrums. If you truly appreciate silence, then you should pick the quietest shop vac. Unmuffled shop vacs are as loud as 85 decibels while those equipped with mufflers are as quiet as 60decibels. Noise levels above 80 decibels often require ear protection. If you can’t find a vac with low noise ratings, you can always spend extra $10 for an add-on muffler.

3. Performance

The second and most important factor that you should consider when choosing the quietest shop vac is the performance. When I mention power, I’m certain that the first thing that pops up in your mind is the peak horsepower (PHP) right? But horsepower isn’t the only rating that you should compare when choosing a wet/dry vac. When it comes to performance, there are three sub-factors that you should consider.

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