10 DIY Mitsubishi Car Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your car is instrumental in ensuring that it gets to service you for a long time to come. As a Mitsubishi owner, the following tips will help you give proper care to your much-cherished automobile. Below are DIY tricks to maintain your car.

Cleaning the Interior

You can keep the interior of your Mitsubishi looking crisp and clean using the following handy tips;

  • Clean vinyl, fabric, leather, flocked and plastic parts using a soft cloth that has been soaked in lukewarm water. Make sure to add a small amount of neutral detergent to the water.
  • You should not use protectants, cleaners, or conditioners that contain wax or silicone. These are products that can cause annoying reflections and may end up obscuring your vision.
  • The Mitsubishi carpet should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, and a rug cleaner used to remove any stains that could be present.
  • Grease and oil can easily be removed from the carpets by dabbing at them lightly with a colorfast, clean cloth together with a stain remover.


Washing Your Vehicle Exterior

You can maintain the exterior of the Mitsubishi by;

  • You need to clean the vehicle surface immediately if it comes into contact with dust, soot, bird droppings, iron powder or any chemical substances that may be corrosive.
  • Once you are done washing the automobile, you need to make sure that you do away with all traces of detergent or soap and then proceed to wipe it using a dry, soft cloth.
  • You also need to clean the door flanges and joints after washing the body, as well as the engine hood where dirt is likely to hide.
  • If you reside along the Singapore coast, it will be important to make sure that you wash the vehicle on a regular basis. The wind born spray emanating from the sea is capable of distributing the sea salt for a distance of up to twenty kilometers from the seashore.

Cleaning the Mitsubishi Vehicle Underside

For the 4WD cars such as the Triton, Pajero, and Outlander, there is a need to ensure that the underside is always clean, particularly if you drive off-road. Cleaning the bottom helps you remove salt water, dust and any corrosive dirt that could be present.

When washing it;

  • Ensure you exercise caution by wearing some gloves
  • Take care not to spray water into electrical components present in the Mitsubishi engine component.


Waxing helps in preventing a buildup of dust and road chemicals to the body paintwork.

  • A wax solution should only be applied after the vehicle has been properly washed, and should be done after every three months.
  • Never wax the car under direct sunlight and make sure that the wax is only applied after the vehicle surfaces have cooled down.
  • You should only polish the paintwork if it has lost its luster, or become stained
  • Plastic bumpers and Matt-finish parts should not be cleaned as this could damage the finishing or stain them.
  • You can take the vehicle to get touched up for scratches and small cracks at a Mitsubishi center. The touch-up paint helps to keep yourcar looking good, while at the same time assist in preventing corrosion.
  • You can locate the paint code number for a car at the engine compartment on the vehicle information code plate.


  • Regularly check all lights to ensure that they are working, and replace any faulty lights that you identify
  • Do the same for the indicators and the brake lights as well. Check the braces as well to ensure that they are compact and in place.


  • Check your tire pressure every day before driving off. A mere glance will allow you to know whether the tires have enough pressure or not.
  • Use a pressure gauge after every two weeks to determine the amount of pressure available in all the tires.
  • Apart from checking the pressure, you need also to have them balanced and rotated on a regular basis so as to reduce wear and tear.

Fluid Level

  • Check the levels of the power steering, transmission, engine coolant and brake fluids on a regular basis.
  • If they are low, top the fluids up to solve any problem that is being experienced.


  • Though they do not seem as much, you need to ensure that you clean the wipers on a regular basis.
  • Use windshield wiper fluid to keep the wipers clean


  • Always park in a garage as the weather elements can damage the stability of your battery. Cold weather has been known to wane the stability of your battery health. Extreme heat, on the other hand, makes the battery fluid to evaporate which in turn leads to overcharging.
  • Keep the battery clean, and you will see it perform exemplary. Do away with the white crusty build-up which limits the alternator’s ability to function properly. When the battery does not have proper charge, it becomes less efficient and the longer you use it, the more likely that you are to experience a breakdown.
  • Add water to the battery. Though mixing water with an electrical conductor sounds dangerous, each battery needs fluids for it to remain healthy. If your battery is not maintenance free, ensure you add distilled water every once in a while so as to increase its life.
  • You must also make certain that the car battery is secure as it cannot be tossed around in the same manner as the household batteries. Failure to secure it may lead to it getting knocked around which can then result in irreversible damage taking place.
  • Every once in a while, check to confirm that the battery is properly seated and is not susceptible to getting knocked around.
  • If you drive on an irregular basis, you can always choose to harness the power of the sun by investing in a good solar charge. The solar charger can be used anywhere, and will ensure that your battery remains healthy at all times.


The above tip will help you properly maintain your Mitsubishi ensuring that you can use it for many more years to come. Also read: